Continue in My Word is a website established as a repository for Biblical study and teaching materials developed by The Paleofundamentalist. The author has studied engineering, Bible exposition, and systematic theology at the graduate level, with formal coursework in classical Latin and Koine Greek. He teaches the Bible and Biblical subjects each week at his local church. Everything available here may be used freely for the education and edification of the Body of Christ (Ephesians 4:12). If you find anything in this repository helpful in increasing your knowledge of God, His Son Jesus Christ, and His Word,

soli Deo gloria!

steven_hayesThe Paleofundamentalist

I Believe:

God exists, and the Bible is His Word.  The Bible is the only standard of truth; this is my starting axiom, all other beliefs are derived from a proper understanding of what God has revealed in the Bible.

The Bible (66 books) in its entirety is the verbally inspired, inerrant, infallible, and sufficient Word of God; God’s words have been providentially preserved in the Masoretic Hebrew/Aramaic text of the Old Testament and the Traditional (Textus Receptus) Greek text of the New Testament.  The original and inspired words of God are accurately translated into English in the Authorized (King James) Version.

Salvation is a free gift of pure grace from God, received by nothing more than personal faith in Jesus Christ and His work on our behalf; it includes the forgiveness of sins, the imputed righteousness of Christ, and eternal life (which cannot be lost).

The one true God has a triune nature.  He exists as one God in three co-eternal, co-equal persons revealed in the Bible as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  The triune God has clearly revealed His power and Godhead to all men in and through His creation and the human conscience, so that those who rebel against Him and His revelation may be justly condemned.

The Lord Jesus Christ, Who is God the Son, is the unique God-Man.  This is very well expressed by the Chalcedon Creed of 451 AD:  Christ is undiminished Deity, united with true humanity, without confusion, in one Person, forever.

Dispensationalism best synthesizes and systematizes the whole body of God’s revelation given progressively in history and recorded in the Bible.  It is impossible to make sense of the whole Bible if it is not rightly divided, properly recognizing to whom and in what time period any particular portion of God’s revelation is addressed.  Although Dispensationalism is the best theological system available today, it is not a perfect system.  It must be continually reassessed and refined according to our ever-maturing understanding of God’s Word as illuminated by the Holy Spirit.

God has revealed in the Bible that the universe in which we live was supernaturally created by Him in six ordinary days, approximately six thousand years ago.  Nothing in the natural world, when properly understood, is inconsistent with this revelation.

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