Biblical Studies

This page serves as a repository for materials I develop and use in teaching the Bible and Biblical subjects, primarily at my own local church.  Feel free to make use of anything here you find helpful for the education and encouragement of the Body of Christ.

Soli Deo gloria!

Old Testament

Chronology of OT Books

Genesis 1-11 (Importance of Genesis 1-11, Age of the Earth, OT Lifespans, Table of Nations, Table of Nations2, Notes on Genesis 11, Problem of Evil Diagram)

Deuteronomy (Justice Lifts the Nations, Chiastic Structure of 10 Commandments, Feasts of the LORD, Chart of Covenants)

1 & 2 Samuel (Chronology of OT Books)

Ezra-Nehemiah (Ezra-Nehemiah Chronology)

Daniel (Daniel & Christian Living, Prophetic Panorama, Polymetallic Image-Dan2, Dreams & Visions, 70 Weeks-Dan9, 1,290 & 1,335 Days-Dan12)

Psalms (Introduction, Bibliography, Psalm 1, Psalm 2, Psalm 16, Psalm 22, Psalm 46, Psalm 51, Psalm 72, Psalm 83, Psalm 89, Psalm 104, Psalm 105, Psalm 110, Psalm 119, Psalm 139)

Ecclesiastes (Problem of Evil Diagram)

Habakkuk (Habakkuk in History)

Zechariah 9-14 — In progress, updated 05/09/2020

History of Israel

New Testament

Matthew (Structure of Gospels, Chalcedon Creed)

Genealogy of Jesus Christ

Romans (Key Words in Romans 1-8, Necessity of Christ’s 2 Natures, Why the Law Cannot Save, Golden Chain, Election and Faith, Abraham and His Seed, The Hardening of Pharaoh’s Heart, Biblical Role of Government, Romans Summary)

1 Corinthians (Three Types of Men)

Galatians (3 Tenses of Salvation, Content of Faith, Gentiles+Jews+Church, The Israel of God)

Ephesians (Preparation for Ephesians, Chart of Dispensations, Is Faith the Gift of God?, Audio)

1 Timothy (Greek NT Manuscripts)

2 Timothy (Characteristics of Apostasy)

Hebrews (Exalted Man in Heaven, Unconditional Covenants, Identity of Melchizedek, Audio)

1 Peter (Kept by the Power of God, Ready Always to Answer)

Revelation (Revelation Structural Overview, Revelation Chart, Revelation 2-3 Outline, Historic-Prophetic Significance of the 7 Churches, Nested Judgments of Revelation, What on Earth is Satan Doing?, 7 World Kingdoms, Problem of Evil Diagram, Audio)

Topical Studies

Dispensations and Dispensationalism (Chart of Dispensations, Content of Faith, Audio)

The 70 Weeks of Daniel (70 Weeks-Dan9, Prophetic Panorama, Audio)

Distinctions between Prophecy and Mystery (Prophecy vs Mystery Chart)

Answer to Preterism

Chiastic Structure of God’s Program in History

Why the Law Cannot Save

Issues in Calvinism (Is Faith the Gift of God?, Biblical Analogy for Faith, Who and How Does the Father Draw?, Kept by the Power of God)

Biblical Election (Election Chart)

The Trinity (Trinity Diagram, Tri-unity in the Universe)

Virgin Birth of Christ (Necessity of the Virgin Birth)

The God of Prophecy (God of Prophecy-slides, Audio)

What on Earth is Satan Doing?

The Days of Noah

Return of the Nephilim

Rapture of the Church (Audio)

Signs of the Second Coming (Audio)

Judgment of Believers vs. Unbelievers

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